Nightwalk 2019.4 “Waterwalk”

(The Coast of Utrecht)

Walkers were Witold, Ienke (vR), Persi, Taç, Jackson, and Bart & Friso from Expodium

Sense-memories of water were invited through a guided contemplation. Stories were shared for a later audio work.

The walk proceeded as usual but with awareness of the proximity of water - physically as well as experientially…

Field Notes:

The surfaces of our bodies that we see when we look in a mirror are all integrated by water. We start as babies with 78% of our weight as water, but our adult buoyancy diminishes to around 55% for women’s bodies, 60% for men’s. The more we age, the less water we carry.

In Chinese five-element theory, two of the 5 elements - water and earth - are essential to our sense of being and belonging. When a person moves away from where they were raised, their ability to adapt to the new place is dependent on their (energetic) body accepting and acclimatizing to the “new” water and earth they are drinking and touching.

Yet, the water that is in us literally came from this earth. Water was part of the earth’s early formation 4,5 billion years ago. We humans came along between 350-500 thousand years ago, or 9000x later than water.

We are still evolving with our environment.  Everything is changing both within and without, at seemingly different speeds. You could say our present existential fixations are a reaction to feeling the disconnection of these different speeds.

When we encounter water in our environment, we are in close contact with understanding the speed at which we move through the world, because water, in all its forms of movement, mimics the experience of existence.