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American (Pennsylvania, 1968)
Lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 2134 6246 Europe   
Email: susantylerjenkins(at)  | Web:


Master of Arts, Fine Art, 2017
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht/University of the Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Bachelor of Arts, Art History 1995-2000 (Honors, cum laude)
Columbia University, New York, NY USA

Group Exhibitions

June 2017, "ABiotic Factors," BAK/Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht. Master of Arts Fine Art Graduation Show. Curated by Marion von Osten.
April 2017, "Artworks on Commission, Free," BAK/Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht. Collaboration with René Francisco and MaHKU.
March 2017, "I'd Rather Laugh (Co-Action Device)," BAK/Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht. collaboration with Inci Eviner and MaHKU.
March 2017, "To Seminar," BAK/Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Collaboration with Job Koelewijn and MaHKU. Curated by Henk Slager.
January - April 2017, "Waterways of Utrecht: Dialogue 2" outdoor interventions around Utrecht.
February 2016, "Annual Concourse," Phyllis Mason Gallery, New York, NY. 
April 2015, "Open Studio" Margaree Harbour House, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
September 2002 "Sound Memorial," Museum of TV & Radio, New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA. 
March 2002, "Only Us Down Here" (featured artist) 

Performance and Lecture

May 2019, “Walking East (following the river)," performative collaboration with Ienke Kastelein, Utrecht.
April 2019, “Waterwalk” (Nightwalk Werkspoor 2019.4) Expodium, Utrecht
May 2018, "Walking West (Leidse Rijn)," performative collaboration with Ienke Kastelein, Utrecht.
November 2016, "Waterways of Utrecht: Dialogue 1 (Kromme Rijn)," performative site tour and installation, Utrecht.
May 2015, "Untitled," La Baluba Theater, Mas Marvent, France. installation performance with Rudiger Steiner, Herb Elsky, Liesbeth Schoulten.
May 2002, "Egyptian Tricked-out Halls of Faith,” Little Gray Books, New York, NY. 
March 2002, “Workers at Ground Zero,” WNYC’s Morning Edition, New York, NY. 
October 2001, "Domestic Flight” The Moth Story Slam, New York, NY. 

Workshops & Courses

"wild care, tame neglect" Huize Frankendael April 2018, collaboration/workshop with Edward Clydesdale Thomson, Amsterdam.
Mixed Media, Drawing, Watercolor, various instructors, Oct - Dec 2015, Art Student's League of New York
Collage, Sculpture, Watercolor, various instructors, 2012 - 2013, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
Ikebana, with Marcia Shibata-Sensei, 2007-2009, New York, NY
Photography, with Tom Roma, Spring 2000, Columbia University
Photography, various instructors, July 1997 & 1998, Maine Photographic Workshops

Other Training

Contemplative Art Teacher Training, 2015 — Shambhala Dechen Choling Centre, France
Meditation Instructor and Teacher Training, 2006-2016 -- Shambhala International (various locations)
French and Dutch languages


Museum of Television & Radio, 2002, New York, NY
New-York Historical Society, 2002, New York, NY


Nominated for the HKU Award, 2017
Nominated for the Third Coast Audio Festival newcomer award, 2002

Employment & Volunteering

Professional gardener, Stichting Wilde Weelde, 2019, Utrecht
Meditation workshop, Utrecht University, 2019, Utrecht
Freelance event photography, 2018-present, Utrecht
Meditation Teacher & Program Coordinator, 2006-2016 Shambhala International, various US and European locations
Executive Assistant, UBS Investment Bank, 2004-2013, New York, NY
Studio Manager, Joel Meyerowitz, 1997-2002, New York, NY