Nightwalk 2019.4 “The Coast of Utrecht”

Part of the monthly Expodium ‘Nightwalk’ series in the Werkspoor area of Utrecht.

Walkers were Witold, Ienke, Persi, Taç, Jackson, and Bart & Friso from Expodium

“What is your first memory of water?”

Each in turn tells a story. The walk proceeds as usual but with awareness of the proximity of water - physically and experientially.

Field Notes:

A mirror reflects a liquid solidity - my surfaces of skin and features are all integrated by water. I began life 78% water, but as a mature woman am now only 55% buoyant, slightly less buoyant than a man of my weight. The more I age, the less water I carry.

The water in me came from this planet. Water was part of the planet’s formation 4,5 billion years ago. We humans emerged 9000 times later than water. How much of our feeling and emotion comes from being human, and how much from water? What does water feel?

We evolve with our environment and it with us. Perhaps it teaches us if we pay close attention to the felt experience. Everything is changing within and without, at seemingly different speeds. Existential obsessions about climate and society are reactions to this feeling of temporal disconnection.

When I encounter water, I am closer to understanding the speed at which I move through the world. Water’s many forms of movement mirror my emotions, the texture of my life. Entering the water, I am enveloped, returned momentarily to my origin.